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Pork and Chinese Preserved Vegetable on Vermicelli Noodles

350gm lean pork.
half a 440ml can of shredded chinese perserve radish.
2 books of "vermicelli" (they are translucent when raw, very fine, and
_white_ when cooked)
2 tbsp light soy sauce.
fresh ground black pepper to taste.
2-3 tbsp of cooking oil.
a little sesame oil.

1. Shred pork into 5x5mm matchsticks.
2. Heat oil in wok, and stir-fry pork until no pink shows.
3. Add soy sauce and black pepper.
4. Cook for another 5 mins, then keep warm.
5. Bring a pot of water to boil, then add noodles.
6. Put on kettle, about 3-4 cups.
7. When noodles are tender, drain and place in bowl.
8. Place pork and sesame oil on bed of noodles.
9. Pour boiling water from kettle over the pork to make a soup.
10. Serve, then eat with chopsticks and chinese soup spoon.

Serves 3.




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