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Light oven. Get out bowls, spoons, measuring cups and ingredients. Grease
the pan. Have all the kids in camp crack nuts. Remove Bernie, Ron, Dick, Joe,
and Paul, along with 5 coffee cups, 7 fishing lures, 4 spark plugs and 1 tackle
box from the table. Measure 2 cups of flour. Hear laughter and go down by the
dock in time to see the guys untying Glyn and Don s boat from the dock before
they pull the dock out to Center Bar. Come back and find Ben covered in flour.
Brush Ben off and measure 2 more cups of flour to replace spilled flour. Add
rest of dry ingredients to flour. Hear kids screaming outside, look out window
and see them running after squirrels who have stolen the walnuts. Rescue kids
from squirrels, come back into kitchen and find Danny and David Tietz, along
with Steve and Robbi playing a game of Pfeffer at the kitchen table. Banish
them and their cards to the lodge table. Add eggs. Phone rings, yell out
window for Tonya to come to the phone. Add shortening. Betty runs in, says
she s got the catch of the day. Sue wants it weighed because they are having a
contest against George and Helen. Kess wins the contest, his squirrel weighs
more than George s Northern. Add sugar. Stir all the ingredients together.
Look up just in time to see Koz s wildly served volleyball come crashing through
kitchen window, landing in the middle of the cake bowl. Wash kitchen floor,
wash the table, wash the walls, wash the dishes. Sylvia comes in and suggests
Kim, Debbie, Donna, Doris and herself go to pick up cake at Gordy s. Everyone
also decides that as long as they are in Grand Rapids they might as well play
Bingo. Grab purses, load up car and go!
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