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5 lbs. lean ground beef
10 pts. water
2 (14 oz.) bottles catsup
2 bottles Worcestershire sauce
1 bag frozen chopped onions
2 lemons, quartered
2 oz. whole mixed pickling spice
Instant potato flakes (Hungry Jack)
In large roasting pan, add all ingredients except the instant potatoes. Put
the two ounces of pickling spice on a piece of cheesecloth and make a bag out of
it; tie with string. Drop bag of spices into the mixture. Do not use lid on
roasting pan. Bring to a boil and then cut heat back to simmer, 2 1/2 hours
after the time is up, remove from stove and also remove spice bag and lemon
pieces. Add instant potatoes to thicken. Be sure to use all of the mixture.
May take 1 1/2 boxes of instant potato. Freeze what you do not use for future
meals. Mason, Ohio



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