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1 1/2 lb. mild Italian sausage cut in
1/2 inch lengths
2 cloves minced garlic
28 oz. can Italian style pear tomatoes
3 cans (14 oz. each) regular strength
beef broth
1 1/2 c. dry red wine
1/2 tsp. crumbled basil leaves
3 tbsp. chopped parsley
1 med. green pepper
2 med. zucchini sliced 1/4 inch thick
3 c. uncooked bowtie noodles
Parmesan cheese to taste
pepper to taste
1 lg. onion (diced)
In 5 quart or larger dutch oven cook sausage over medium heat until lightly
browned. Drain fat. Add garlic and onion, cook until limp. Stir in tomatoes
including liquid. Add broth, wine and basil. Simmer uncovered for 30 minutes.
Cook and chill remove fat. Return to fire and add rest of ingredients (parsley,
pepper, to taste, zucchini and noodles). Simmer covered about 25 minutes.
Serve with Parmesan cheese on top.



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