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964652 -- POTATO SOUP

1 ham hock
Potatoes, about 4 med. sized
Potato Buds (Betty Crocker dehydrated
2 c. milk
1 (16 oz) can whole kernel corn
Cook ham hock until meat falls off the bone. Remove cooked ham hocks, strain
broth into a bowl and refrigerate overnight if possible. Next day skim off the
fat which rises to the top. Cook the potatoes in this ham-hock stock. Potatoes
should be cut into cubes and cooked until soft but not mushy. Then add 2 cups
milk to the stock, followed by the Potato Buds until the soup thickens to
desired consistency. Put the deboned, diced and (or) shredded ham bits into the
stock along with 1 can whole kernel corn. Flavor as desired, adding salt,
pepper, dehydrated onions, parsley, etc.



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