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Brother and Sister Hughes are two very special elders of our church. It is
only recently that Brother Hughes discovered he is a diabetic. Sister Hughes is
a wonderful "country cook" and has cooked that way for many years. To suddenly
have to change your way of cooking is hard for anyone. We love Brother and
Sister Hughes and wanted to include some recipes that Brother Hughes could enjoy
without worry and help Sister Hughes find that little something to satisfy his
sweet-tooth. Frozen juice concentrate used in these recipes are UNSWEETENED and
thawed in refrigerator. Measure out what you need an put the rest back in the
freezer to use again. If it calls for UNSWEETENED ALL FRUIT SPREAD or
UNSWEETENED POURABLE FRUIT, these can be found now in a lot of grocery stores
and can also be found in health food stores. They do not use sugar to sweeten
them, only other fruits. Make sure to include one of these recipes at your next
social or church dinner. The diabetics enjoy knowing that they too can enjoy



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